Open. Open. Open.  Allow any constrictions/restrictions to relax, to open, to breathe, to allow in light and said our way: to allow the flow of light FROM you and connect with the light flowing to you.

For the connection and dance of that light from within and around you is a dance of creativity, brilliance, purpose, passion and is the dance most are seeking.

You are all getting masterful at realizing that goodness flows to you and is around you.  Now we say open to the Mastery of the brilliance and magnificence shining FROM you; always there.  For this magnificence and brilliance  is being called forth like never before.  We say answer this call………..Pick up the phone.  Say Hello to your most brilliant most magnificent self.  Take time each day to nurture, nourish and magnify the beauty, brilliance and magnificence already in you and yes, notice the similarity of the words magnify and magnificence.  Play with that connection.  Visualize, write songs, draw, cook and endeavor to magnify the magnificence that is YOU always, and as you magnify this inner brilliant light, you are gifting others with the opportunity to magnify their magnificence.

Now is the time.  It is set up for you NOW.  Feel the timing.  Know the timing is for you.  Take steps, nurture, nourish magnify magnificence.  YES indeed this IS important and YES indeed place this importance in a capsule of fun and creativity as that is how you bloom and grow.

We are delighted by this time together and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy this part of your journey.

Much love to all.


Janet’s note:  Thank you for being patient while I figured out how to get the ads off of the email distribution!!  Yay!!!  I did it.  Also, if you are on Facebook, enjoy this live reading of this week’s Wisdom Writing and comment with a WW on the FB page to qualify to receive a personalized Wisdom Writing!!  much love!!

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