Calling all Pioneers……Let’s Do This!!!

Settle in. Settle in. Settle in to who you really are.  For Settlers were pioneers and discovered vast new lands and new opportunities.  They were not “comfortable”; they were explorers and expanders and that is your role.  Embrace it.  Explore it and be enjoying this vast new “land” and new opportunities.

For this new landscape is within you and is filled with resources, gems and abundance.  This is all here for you.  Go within and discover this new landscape.  Often the experience is;  “there is nothing new” or you expend time digging up the stuff you don’t like in the old, familiar landscape or who you think you are from your past.  Put down the the shovel.  Put on the trekking shoes and enjoy the travel discovery into new territory.  For you are equipped and much like a movie, the tools, the resources all appear when they are needed.

Go forth dear one, into a new territory for yourself.  You deserve to experience this new abundance, enjoyment and discovery as your delight will be your indicator of the new territory is here for you.

We love the pioneer symbol and we urge you to keep it. and allow it to grow and you will soon see, feel and experience many connections.  For we see the new community, the new pioneers climbing, gathering and eager for joy, discovery and creativity.  For the time is now and the resources are now.

Again, put down the shovel, take steps to explore, discover the very best that is you and has always been you.

With much love!!!

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janet’s note:  This one feels specific to me and yet I know it contributes to many of you!  I looked up the word “settle” and it has many meanings.  The etymology of it shows it means to “place oneself”.  To me, this means for me to place myself in a new territory, a new landscape or see myself newly.  I love the connection of settle to Pioneers.  I have always felt called to be a Pioneer and in fact started a “business” a couple of years ago called New Stuff Pioneers…….I have been contemplating shutting it down and shifting to a singular focus of Wisdom Writings.  However, recently got a “nudge” to put Wisdom Writings under the “umbrella” of New Stuff Pioneers.  I have always been drawn to “new stuff”……new ideas, new products, new ways to expand.   It is part of my purpose and this writing feels like it is telling me to put on my “trekking” shoes and go for it!!!!  Are you are you ready to be a pioneer!!!!!  Let’s do this!!!!

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2 Responses to Calling all Pioneers……Let’s Do This!!!

  1. Dear Janet,
    Beautiful! Thank you for sharing.
    Love Brenda

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