Shining your Light……Smile!!!!

As you endeavor into new areas of life, of your life, of your creativity, of your being, we ask to bring a new light, a new levity, a new humor to this.

As you endeavor to bring forth your own magnificence, the magnificence of others and the magnificence of the world , we say, “Enjoy this!”    Bring laughter, humor, harmony so as to release this new level of light within.  For yes, we do encourage bringing a lightness–to open up light within.

Happy, smiling, laughing faces have been symbols throughout history and the image releases that light from within.  Indeed we encourage a smile and a laugh.  Seek out these moments.  Seek out these sources and of course become one of these sources.

For the twinkle of an eye, the brilliance and warmth of a smile creates a flood, a wave, a flow that is subtle, over-looked and yet is essential for the realization you seek of being one’s best self, divine self, highest self or whatever you may call it.

We are all smiling with you today and invite others to be part of the “smile club”.  Enjoy the smiles.  Enjoy the levity.  Enjoy the love and that feeling of connection.  For smiling, twinkling eyes and faces emit remembrances of who you really are and feeling of “one” and connection can flood.  Indeed it is exquisite, the gift of a baby smiling/laughing and it reminds one of the simple truth of who you really are.

Oh but can it be that simple?  It is today.  Often the simple lessons get complicated with the mind.  Allow, allow, allow the body to smile and bring a lightness and a light and experience an expansion.  Feel it, sense it, and go with it and see how far you can travel on the light beam of a smile.

For we bless you today, as always.  Enjoy the beams all around you, coming to you and from you, simply building bridges of connection the new NOW.

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