Your Reservoir of Magnificence

Connecting, connecting, connecting is our message today.  For the desire for connection is deep and strong and the discovery of new ways for connecting is creating innovation in some and confounding others.  Allow a deeper connection.  Feel a deeper connection in new ways.

For now is the opportunity for many of you to open to new sensations, new feelings, new messages that are coming to you.  Perhaps you feel it in your knee, hip, stomach.  Often those feelings are disregarded or “poo-poo’d” as something to fix or eliminate.  We say now listen.  For do you not think the body is exquisitely designed for more than aches, pains and weight worries?  Attend to the magnificence of your body.  Attend to the connection to your body as your exquisite vessel of creativity, love and vitality that it is.  For that connection, that treasure, that enhancement you are gifted with, has yet to be tapped by so many of you.

See, feel and hear your body as new, as unique,  as a gift of light, love, joy, exuberance and 100% for you to experience the magnificence that you are.  For the magnificence is housed in your body and over time gets buried in the knee, back, hips, neck.  We say unearth the burying of your magnificence.   Allow the body to shine as it speaks to you.  Listen, honor and thank the magnificence of the body, of your body.

For we love the idea of bodies glowing, glimmering and radiating all the brilliance and magnificence that it is created to express.  It is for you.  Always for you.  Now for a moment feel that, allow that and express that.

That is the connection of most value to you today.  For the magnificence and resources of the body are beyond what is currently known.  It is your magnificence reservoir.  Dive in and get to know the magnificence of your body, your hands, your feet, your eyes, your lungs.  Pick a part, any part and thank it deeply.  Send it love and then feel the love/the message coming back to you.

For these skills are now important  as you move forward.  For then you will experience TEAM in your body, with your body and for your expression, your gifts and contribution.

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy this new feeling, this new reservoir of magnificence.  It is here for you.  Always here for you.

We love you deeply and always.

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