Calm the Chatter…..Discover the Opening……Now!

And as you begin the the writing today, we ask you to calm the chatter, as the chatter has and is growing louder.  We say, enjoy this opportunity to discover the opening, the doorway, the crack to enter, to discover peace.  For many of you access this in numerous ways.  Discover your best pathway to that place of beauty and serenity.   Some go there through nature, others with their pets and even others through a deep, lovely visualization.

Find your path and enjoy the level up of your life now.  For you are the ones to be here NOW.  You are the ones to grow the path of serenity and beauty NOW.  You are the ones to remember the grandness of you, of all, and turn off the TV of your mind.  Allow the darkness, the blank mind to be there.  Allow that place of still, of no answers, of_____________.

This place is the place of creation, creativity, beauty, love, connection to all that is.  Take this opportunity now to go there even if but for a moment.  It is a portal.  It is time for a “valve” to be turned, opened, and now is the time.

We are eager to meet you there in that place.  Go there and then allow visuals, phrases, feelings to emerge and go with them.  Paint them, play them on your musical instruments, grow them in your garden, craft them on your tables.   Much like the movie of all building, drawing a mountain*, we are asking you to feel called right now and the trust the calling.

Turn down the volume on the chatter and listen to the calling.  Trust that calling and it need not make sense or even look like it has value.  We are urging a new level of connection; of trust.  For often when you engage in creative “non-value” related activities, you quiet the chatter and open a new station, a new pathway for the best of you, best of beauty, love, creativity and life to flow so fully through you and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy these moments.

For you do not yet know the value of these moments for you and all.   As the world fills with trust, creativity, beauty and love on this quiet, subtle momentum, you will soon see, feel and witness a shift within and without.  Then revel in the deep knowing of; this is why I am here.  This is why we are here.

The time is now.  The moment is now.  The creativity is now and the beauty of all of life is NOW.

*Close Encounters of the Third Kind

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