Team of “All” is Now!

Disband, disband, disband the wrappings around your heart, around your gut, around any part of the body and free the flowing nature of you.

As the time you are in continues to create a challenging environment, seek not to change the environment.  Seek to open and disband the wrappings around the inner you.  The true “you”, the you that exudes love, creativity, joy and brilliance.  Seek to know you from that place.  Seek to feel the foundation and solidity of that “you”.  Watch the growth of love in you, around you and in your world grow and grow and grow, as the inner you grows and grows and grows.

For the time is now and you are here NOW.  Yes indeed you can put your hands on your heart saying,  “I am here.  I am here. I am here.”  Then dance with delight and allow your creativity to flow like a swollen river through you.  For your creativity is far greater and more exuberant than you can imagine, and to deny this is to deny the true essence of who you really are and the contribution of the uniquely you……..and the time is NOW.

We are providing more love, support and guidance than ever before.  For the team of “all” is with you “all” now.  Go forth.  Trust your love.  Trust your creativity. Trust the beauty and brilliance that you imagine.   Feel into the support, the wings, the breath that is in you, with you and all around you.

Shed the illusion of fear, for this is the greatest act of goodness you can bring NOW.   You are brilliant.  You are loving.  You are the “you” for all, NOW.

We love you.  We are with you.  Go forth now with your brilliance, beauty and splendor.

We love you.

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