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Team of “All” is Now!

Disband, disband, disband the wrappings around your heart, around your gut, around any part of the body and free the flowing nature of you. As the time you are in continues to create a challenging environment, seek not to change … Continue reading

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Stagnant Waters and Appreciating Life

The flowing river of life is often filled with many currents, and in the still waters is the emotion or mood of worry.  For the stagnation feeling is one that is barely tolerable by many; yet in a river even … Continue reading

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Buoyed by Joy

As you allow in more and more layers of goodness, then allowing all that is, as it is, will be your practice, your mastery. It is the gift that as yet does not seem as one. For allowing all that … Continue reading

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How Can I Combine my True Contribution with Generating an Income?

This is a special edition of Wisdom Writings.  We recently had a client that had been “struggling” with a career and was seeking intuitive guidance.  She said this reply felt like a Huge Hug 🙂  With her permission and blessing, … Continue reading

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