How Can I Combine my True Contribution with Generating an Income?

This is a special edition of Wisdom Writings.  We recently had a client that had been “struggling” with a career and was seeking intuitive guidance.  She said this reply felt like a Huge Hug 🙂  With her permission and blessing, we are posting the reply.  Enjoy!

 How Can I Combine my True Contribution with Generating an Income?

In the deepest parts of you are the answers that you seek, and there the glory of your soul is real, true, vibrant and oh, so precious.  We hear you.  We always hear and yet the path of the hearing is only one way.  We are with you always and the guidance, the glory, the brilliance, the joy is there, always there, and yet the roadblock has become much like the Hoover Dam. The flood of tears that feels like it would come in releasing the sadness would be over oh so quickly,  and replaced with a smooth, flowing, fun ride on the river of joy, on the river of love, on the river of creativity.

For now we ask you to continue feeling something, anything from bored to elation.  Release all thoughts and talks of sadness, woe is me.  For now just go on a diet of joy.  You will, at first feel a bit foolish and that, my dear is ok, for the message and guidance we have for you can be heard feeling foolish.  Yet can’t be heard in the state of sadness, worry or woe is me.

We love you so very much and the love inside of you is just itching to be released.  The love inside of you needs a portal, a door, and now we say open the door.  Find any kind of reason to love.  Love a flower.  Love a mountain.  Love a creature.  We are serious when we say, love, love, love something, anything.  For the love inside of you is waiting, wishing, aching to be expressed and it will bring a newness to life.  At first your circumstances will not change; yet be not deterred in this new found expression.  Allow its newness to wash over your cells, your neurons, your whole physiology and as you know this is important right now.

Glow, bask, and feel love and then over time you will witness new opportunities, new treasures, new guidance that thrills you, that fills you, that brings a satisfaction that you have been yearning for, for many, many years.

We are beyond thrilled that you were open to a reading.  For our message feels so good to be heard.  We are with you always.  We are with you always.  We are with you always.  Feel love.  See love.  Be love, for oh dear one, it is who you are, that is your greatest gift.  Release the walls and be your greatest self.

We love you so deeply and now is your time to know it, feel it and live it.

Be well.

Janet’s note:  The response to these “private” intuitive Wisdom Writing Experiences has created such joyful and fulfilling moments.  Clients are often flooded with love and a newfound confidence in their lives.  If you would love to gift yourself or someone else with a private intuitive Wisdom Writing, please contact me at or private message me on facebook at  


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