Getting to the Next Level of Life!

The sphere of light that is surrounding you and your planet is brilliant, connected and ever-present.  This sphere of light is filled with an energy, a brilliance that very few see, hear, feel or experience; yet its pervasiveness is omnipresent.

On the days ahead, keep tuned into this energy band, this frequency that is pervasive.  Tune into it as often as you can and search for it as often as you can.

In your endeavoring to stay focused and positive, is still the mistaken idea that it is the “right” thing to do.  For a shift in this belief will be valuable to you.  In the paradigm of right/wrong/responsible/logical, is the ignoring of the value of feeling/emotion.  The “higher” emotions  are not better emotions,  just higher in a quality of vibration.  So now shift your attention to the focus of feeling joy,  for it feels so good, so very good.   Allow yourself to feel so good, so very good, not because it is the right thing to do, but because it feels so good, so very good.   Attending to that feeling in the moment, keeps you “present” in the moment.  The longer you maintain being present, then much like a precise action in a video game, “voila” you will be dropped through a magic door down deep into new levels of wonder, awe and inspiration, but you must maintain these joyful “present” moments for that function to trigger.

We delight in watching your journey.  Enjoy the play,  and just as an eight-year old delights in every Mario moment, so can you delight.  Look for the playful interactions we have with you:  the secret compartments, the magical flowers, and the power boosts!

We adore our time together.  Have fun today 🙂

Janet’s note:  My goodness what a playful writing came today.  I saw images of video games and felt lots of fun while receiving this message.  What a treat!  

I love offering these writings to individuals now.  If you have a specific question, concern or wish to go to the next level in your life and would love a Wisdom Writing perspective, please contact me at or private message me on fb at  

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