I Just Want a World Filled with Love

This is a private message from an Intuitive Wisdom Writing experience.  The client has recently been around people with guns,  and he felt “helpless” in these situations.  He wants to have a world filled with love.  Here is his question and the Wisdom Writing response.  

Who is there for me to be to make a difference in situations where love isn’t present?

As the vibration of love is sought and yet not found, we can see the block of energy that is pervasive.   Love is now the emotion you wish to see, feel and be.

We will speak to you in terms of emotion and in your brain frame the term may not fully translate, so we urge a relaxation to “know” it or “define” it, for doing so still prevents you from the experience of feeling it.   And yes, we wish for you to feel, feel, feel.

We wish for you now to feel love, feel love, feel love.  Do not speak about it.   Do not share.  Just feel it, feel it, feel it.  For the radar, the receiver, the receptor of love in you has been askew and we thank you for the invitation to re-align it, readjust it and bring a new carburetor of love in you.

Oh dear one, the love that you can feel, can bring, can be is so effortless, is so expansive, and is so much like a light veil of glistening drops……much like a spider web on an early morning.  And yet at this moment you are overlooking the mists of love and seeing a hardness to life, a reality that we say is in the past and is perpetuated by your attention.  Look to the mists that so few can see and yet your role in seeing the mists of love is so special, is so radiant, is so blessed.

There will be a newfound energy and buoyancy in you that you need not be afraid of, for that buoyancy will be recognized by the souls of many.  Be not deterred if others put you down or “poo poo” your brilliance.  Yet do not intend, do not intend, do not enforce, intend or cause in anyway the enveloping of this love feeling upon others.

For now, we say to love and keep it personal.  Keep it as your own private honeymoon.  Just allow this to grow and grow and grow in you and much like keeping a jar of fireflies, if you have one, it is so awesome.  Yet, to catch a whole jar,  then a crystal barrel, then even an aquarium full of fireflies is captivating, “awe-some” and amazing.  You, my dear are an aquarium and we see so much light in you.

Love, dear One.  Feel it, feel it, feel it and the light within you will grow in ways only your soul can imagine.

We are beyond happy to have this connection.  We have felt your strife; yet, cannot connect with you in “strife” for our connection is truly in the feeling of love, of joy, of knowing, knowing, feeling and knowing again that that “IS” all there is.

We love you so very deeply.

Janet’s note:  A private, intuitive Wisdom Writing is much like a love letter from your soul to you.  You may have a question or area of life where you would love to receive a new perspective– a loving, joyful perspective.  Often you are seeking wisdom or answers and just “can’t” hear them.  Often, dwelling in the question, will keep the answer at bay.   In an Intuitive Wisdom Writing Experience, we wordsmith your question and then I hold the question while you are asked to put your focus on joy and love for one week.  During that week,  I get the “intuitive hit” to sit down and write the message that has been wanting to come through to you.   We schedule a call later that week and you receive your private message in the call and then I send it to you in an email.  I make sure that you fully understand the imagery, semantics and heart-filled response.  It is truly a gift for your heart and soul.  For more questions or to schedule your experience, email me at jaraedesire@gmail.com or private message me on fb at http://www.facebook.com/janet.rae.  

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