Indisputable Glee

We are eager to talk with you this day as the joy of life has taken on a bold, new face with so many feeling the nuances of joy and goodness in the many places of life where despair was the feeling.  As we were saying to you, the glory of goodness is the feeling  of the most vibrational field in the realm of those seeking to be alive and connected to all that is in this vibration.

We are pleased as a new level of stability for humans has come forth and now we say allow the levels of indisputable glee to come forth.  Hence the bold and daring comment earlier.  For we love being boldly joyful, boldly gleeful, boldly giddy with the goodness of life.  In this “child-like” vibration is the opening of the door to return to your original self that you came here to be.  Yet the word return creates an image that we do not wish to keep so the word is to allow.  Allow the originating feeling of wonder, love, awe, joy, fun, curiosity to immerse you, lead you, guide you in so many areas of your life.

Oh there is great goodness in experiencing joy and fun in those times that nothing even close to that was around you.  We love playing with you.  We love interacting with you.  We love forging a direction in the thought-world of humanity and yet be relaxed in this thought.  For we will provide the fire in the forging.  Just delight in the feel that forging creates–almost like a melting or dissolving.   Delight in the ease that so much past can dissolve so quickly and go forth with your certainty, your invincibility, your knowing, that you and all of you are here for the goodness.   To feel the goodness, to revel in the goodness, to digest and imbibe the goodness.

Enjoy this glorious day and know you are adored.

Janet’s note:

Wow such a glorious writing came through this week!    I want to give you a sneak preview of a special that I will be offering for Christmas 🙂  For one week in November I will be offering a 2 for 1 package.  If you purchase one Personalized Wisdom Writing Experience, you will receive the second one FREE!!!  That way you can give one away for Christmas and have one for yourself 🙂   A Personalized Wisdom Writing Experience is one of the most unique and precious gifts anyone can have……’s much like receiving a love letter from your soul to you!!  Stay tuned for more details.   Please contact me with questions at or private message me on facebook at


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3 Responses to Indisputable Glee

  1. Anne Harman says:

    Thanks for this message – I loved it!


  2. What a wonderful uplifting channel! Thank you.
    Blessings and Sparkles,


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