Buoyed by Joy

As you allow in more and more layers of goodness, then allowing all that is, as it is, will be your practice, your mastery. It is the gift that as yet does not seem as one. For allowing all that is to be as it is even when you don’t like it, is such a gift, is such the journey that delights us.

For we know that in the seeing of goodness anywhere and everywhere will bring new levels of joy, love and elation to you, and in that place will the other gifts of surprise and delight come too! For the occurrences of that which is unseen, unimaginable, unattainable in the habitual mind of humans are sheer “common play” for us who love to delight you. For we do nothing but shower you with attention and adoration all day, everyday.

So now dear one, breathe in that adoration, breathe in that love, breathe in the glowing feeling of being buoyed by joy, buoyed by love, buoyed by the energy that is and always is.

For this day is your gift, each and every moment, each and every moment. We truly care not if you sleep all day, eat all day, play computer all day or love all day. Our love, adoration and attention always delights in you. For we see that which you cannot or have not, and so we say relax, relax and be buoyed by all that we are. Yes, it feels much like tubing and can be that effortless but alas you must get the tube and climb in. For if you stand on the shore and watch and imagine the flow ‘tis such a different feeling. For oooooh the coolness of the water and oooooh the gentle nudging of the water flow and ooooooh the thrill of the bump or two, and oooooh the delight in laughter of the day. C’mon we say. Get in. Float on our joy and enjoy the ride!

Janet’s note:  I loved this playful message and at times can feel “buoyed by joy”.  The visual of floating on an inner tube was very vivid.  If you have a question about your life or if you would love a new perspective in a specific area of  your life, a personalized Wisdom Writing Experience is now available.  Often people will say the experience is like receiving a love letter from your soul to you.   If you have questions about this experience, then please email me at jarae@comcast.net or private message me on fb at http://www.facebook.com/janet.rae.  If you would like to get a personalized Wisdom Writing Experience either for yourself or for a loved one, then click on the “Buy Now” button. Have a glorious day!!


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1 Response to Buoyed by Joy

  1. Anne Harman says:

    Thank you for such a loving, joyful message! xoxox


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