“Goodness” Growing like Wildfire!

 At any moment we are free to talk to you.  Never too busy are we to talk with you, for our singular purpose is to connect, love and shower you with blessed joy and blessed goodness.  It is so deeply pleasureful for us and we say “yes” to your every desire.

Now as you deeply look at your blocks, beliefs and longstanding patterns of vibration, we say be not concerned with the time or the depth of the pattern.  It matters not to us.  For as you attend to opening, allowing, being joyful and being happy, that is all we need to step right in.   For we adore all we can give you and indeed we do get to experience more and more levels of goodness through you.

For you dear ones are the gatekeepers of goodness for heaven on earth, and ‘tis ok to feel it, see it, allow it and live it.  Not only is it ok but as you look to your soul’s purpose, it is the purpose of many soul families at this time.   As you allow it in, you call in more of the family both in the physical and in the other realms.

Oh my, oh my,  imagine the party that will be felt and allowed when many have their singular focus for heaven on earth as an experience, as a realization, as the newest, greatest evolution.  Then and then,  oh it cannot be done/finished there.    For it is never done and then oh my we get tickled to think of it;  yet still we feel so enthusiastic and enthralled with this journey, this day, this moment.

Let in the magic, feel the love and blaze a trail of wild* goodness that abounds for all.

Janet’s note:  I first thought they were referring to “wild” like a party, but after transcribing this, I saw a vision of a field growing wild berries.  So the message is that goodness will become so rampant and grow like “wildfire”…….I love that!!

Thank you to all who have received private Wisdom Writing experiences.  They are so fun to do.  I love delivering message to you, and I love, love, love how deeply they touch your heart and soul.  If you would like to give the gift of a private Wisdom Writing to yourself or someone else, please fill out the contact form below for commenting on  this blog.  I will get in touch with you to get it scheduled.  It makes a unique and special Christmas gift.  My “cyber week” gift to you is a 2 for 1 deal 🙂  If you have always wondered what it would be like to receive a Wisdom Writing, now is the time!

Thank you!!!


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