Unbelievably You!

If you listen you have always heard our voice,  and now the connection has grown to an ongoing conversation versus a lifeline in times of trouble.   We say the fervency that has departed leaves a place for a garden of goodness to grow within you, and as this garden grows there will be an occasional weed; yet the fruit, the growth of nourishment and delicious offerings will be the harvest for many.

Now we turn your attention to your body.  For your body is now ready for a true healing of a quantum nature, and though we have never used this word with you, it is the offering for which we are seeking to communicate.  The bond of the pain is now ready to  be released and much like your belief in money, it will reveal a “you” that is new to you; yet so unbelievably you that many will say it is who you are.   Now in this great time of release smile, smile, smile.  For this release is not serious and is not important.  It is just the natural next step and can truly be like that of an iceberg just melting away.

In the melting will you find a new treasure, a new mood, a new feeling that is rare to many;  yet is the new feeling that has been wanting to be felt throughout consciousness, and as of yet we know no name for it.  For in the naming is the boxing in that will diminish this evolution.   For now just know that it is there and you are a magnet for it.  You are a sensor and a radar for it and as you go on your days, you will discover those that have this mood.  Connect with them.  Converse with them, and develop community with them for this is part of a joyful path for you.

For now the time of joyful celebration is upon your planet (the Christmas season).  Take advantage of this joyful celebration.  Allow it to be a time to accelerate you without concern of being over the top.  Many will merge with your joy as now is the season and so many hearts are open.

We love this time of connection and look forward to our 30 days.

janet’s note:  I am realizing that my most joyous moments come when I allow the Wisdom Writings to communicate through me…….so, I am going to write for 30 days and allow that joy to grow and grow and grow!!!   Enjoy the inspiration during this time of year!   I send much love to each and every one of you 🙂 

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