Are You on the Vibrancy Trail?

We are always here, and you need not worry that someday you will not hear us for our voice is strong, true and filled with the energy and vibrancy that you search for.  In the searching is the beam, is the light that brings forth our connection, and yet it is not the effort of the search that increases our connection but the allowing, the opening that widens the scope which allows you to hear more, receive more, see more.

For in the glory of a connection is an energy that brings a brilliance to the cells of your body,  and yet is an energy that then castes a domino effect so fully to places that in your perspective would seem impossible.  As you get “out of the blue” connections, videos, images, anything tangible and real time from some random place on your world you will begin to see, feel, hear and realize the immediate, spontaneous effect of this energy and vibrancy.

So pay attention to the subtle, to the butterflies, to the images, to the radio messages to the sudden whims of travel or connection.  For that is the vibrancy trail, and follow the vibrancy trails that will light up piece by piece as you follow them.  The more random they are, the more exquisitely they reveal themselves to be.  Isn’t it more fun for you that way?  It is our way of saying, “Hey, we love playing with you.  Let’s play some more.”

So for now give that logical mind a rest or yet use it for your daily practices of connection, being happy and staying filled with love and joy and then and then go ahead and watch, listen and anticipate the vibrancy trail to light up.  Follow it, delight in it and know that it delights us as much as it delights you.  Oh my this momentum and abundance of delight creates a feeling that is undeniably gooey, ooey and delicious.

We love you so much and thank you for connecting.

janet’s note:   I love the term  “vibrancy trail” as it creates such a beautiful image.  Love to all of you 🙂  


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