Relaxation or “Going Dead”??

We are very glad that our connection continues to grow and that you find such joy and glee in our connecting.

As we go along with you in the days to come, we will be sending you new guidance and this will come in new forms for you. Yet the language of subtlety and non-focus is the language we will be using.  So in the moments of great ease, joy and surrender will be the times when we will send guidance,  as this is our way of building this feeling within you and assuring you it is the path of great splendor.  So in the times when you feel inspiration,  listen, take note, celebrate it and then say, “I relax and ease myself into even greater splendor, joy and guidance.”  For the benefits of relaxing into this guidance are abundant.  It will bring a great release to your body and it will bring an expansion to your heart vibration.  All of this is deeply beneficial and wanted.

We say play at this, celebrate this.  For you cannot intend this, focus on this, or “work” at this as it is just the vibration that will squelch the connection.  This feeling of ease, of relaxation that brings a connection is yet quite different from “going dead” in the tiresome state that brings an effort to relax yet really is only resistance to what is or what has been.

This place of ease and relaxation is an active state that has a widespread connection which allows us greater ability to play and interact with you.  Indeed you could use the term sphere of influence and your sphere of influence is so playful, so fun, so filled with goodness.  Enjoy this discovery.  Enjoy this day and blessed be all that connect on your path.

Much love to all and we eagerly await our next session


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