Stagnant Waters and Appreciating Life

The flowing river of life is often filled with many currents, and in the still waters is the emotion or mood of worry.  For the stagnation feeling is one that is barely tolerable by many; yet in a river even in the still, calm waters is there a flow, a movement.

Always is there the possibility of rain, of flow increase, of a never-ending change in flow so the “allowing of a flow” is of great value.  The “allowing of a flow” teaches one to practice relaxation and appreciation. The gift of expanding the capacity for relaxation coupled with the act of appreciation in still waters, often makes that part of the journey pristine, poignant and stunning.

As the body and mind practices this skill and focus of relaxing with great appreciation and the river flow increases and the water churns to great rapids, imagine then again feeling the ability to relax with great appreciation even in the strong pull and flow.   We are not saying that the rapids are something of a tumult in life.  We are saying the flood of goodness can often be met with the tightening, restricting feeling of “too much”.

So now dear one, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy the blessed practice of relaxation with appreciation,  and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy the flood of goodness in the same manner with relaxation and appreciation.   Watch with great awareness of how valued and loved you are to us and all of life.

We delight in our images for you and have fun in your day.

Blessed be to all.

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