Brilliance and Beauty through Abscission?

As your trees turn to winter and drop their leaves, allowing lots of light to filter through their branches, so is it time for you to drop your “leaves” and allow much light to filter through you.

Your leaves are just as easy to drop, and yet you often look for tape, glue, paste, staples, will power, intention to get them to stay on.  For the feeling of “loss”, of being open, of being vulnerable is not the favored state in your humanity yet.  We say in this state will the most light shine through, and such beauty abounds when light shines through you.  So you can now allow your leaves to drop.   Allow, allow, allow, and as your leaves drop and float away in the winds of change, will you discover new arenas of light that abound in you.

May you stand steadfast in all circumstances and weather that may come, knowing that light always filters through you,  and that dear one is where you are brilliant and beautiful.  For in the allowing of the shedding of the old, will come the most bountiful spring.  New blossoms will fill you, delight you and bring an abundance of goodness to all.  So now dear one allow, allow, allow all the thoughts and feelings that are old, crinkled and no longer useful to fall away; creating new arenas of beauty, brilliance and light to shine through.

We love you so very much and yes, we know you may never look at a tree the same way again.  Oh to behold yourself in this same light.  Celebrate your new vision.  Celebrate your new “Aha”, and go play in the day.

janet’s note:  After this came through me, I looked up the scientific term for leaves falling off a tree.  I found this fabulous article about the “abscission” process.  Truly the tree cuts of the leaves to continue thriving year after year.   Here is the article:

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