Removing the Velcro from Our Hearts

The clarity of a message can be confounding for you and we say ease back, just ease back in the searching and intention.  Yes, relaxation is still of great benefit to you and is a great focus for you,  and indeed is the sweet paradox* here.

For now the relaxation can come in spurts, in moments, in practices and over time the dot, dot, dots of this experience will turn into dashes and then longer times of pure relaxation, and then and then allowing life to ramp up with full steam while you are in a relaxed state, resisting nothing, feeling open, knowing your connection.  Oh my dear one that is the life you dream of, imagine and desire.   For in the experience of life as one with a fully open heart and no “velcro matches” then, then, then you experience a freedom, a value, a sense of great love for you, for them, and for all that is. No greater gift can you be or give.

For now just relax and yes it “ups the ante” to say that during the great season(Christmas) upon you;  yet we say relax, relax, relax and know that all is well.  Look for it, anticipate it, and know it.  Revel in it when you experience it.  Celebrate it and be joyful in your days.

We adore our time together.  We adore our connection.  We adore all that is and all that you are…….ALL that you are.**


janet’s note:  *  I find it quite paradoxical to “focus” on “relaxing”.  I did look up the origin of “relax” and it is loosen…….again and again and again 🙂   **  They emphasized “ALL”  that you are here to confirm the good, the bad, the ugly, the whatever we are exhibiting……they adore it all!  I send this out with an open heart so it reaches all that are desiring to hear this message today 🙂  

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