Yum, Yum…..Yum, Yum

Remember the delight of candy when you were young?  Oh the thrill of eating it, seeing it, buying it, receiving it, and even seeing commercials for it.  It was super delicious and super special.  It is like that with life for you as an adult.  We do not mean that candy is your focus.  Au contraire, we mean that delight, joy, and delicious experiences are your passion.

For the delicious life is available now and we say “yum yum”.  Can you say “yum, yum”?  Can you look out now and see all the yummy stuff coming.  Oh yes, remember as a child or just sit with one, and they will go on and on about delicious stuff.  Just mention candy to them, the kind they like, what they will do with it, and watch them combine words, phrases, gestures on the absolute deliciousness of candy.

So today dear one, get delicious and yummy images of life in your mind and in your gestures.  Truly today you could say “yum yum, yum, yum” throughout the day.  As you see something you like, something that brings you joy, be it a sunny day, a new car or a dog wagging its tail, just say “yum, yum”.  Feel how playful it makes you.  Feel how delicious it makes life and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

janet’s note:  Oh my goodness, what a playful message came through today!  Must be the holiday energy really taking hold 🙂   The tone of this message is definitely upbeat, fun and silly…….maybe that is a hint to put my focus there and release anything significant I might have going on……saying “yum, yum” all day ought to release any significance I may have!!!  Love to all and have a “yummy” day 🙂 

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