The Touchstone of a Tiki Torch??!!

There are many times you will hear our guidance, and then go write.  This maybe the best action; yet the transcribing in that moment may limit the full feel of the message.*  So there maybe times that we ask you to just sit a bit longer and just feel, feel, feel our presence.   Feel our energy and then perhaps do nothing with it.  Maybe write, maybe not.

The calibrating of your energy with ours is an important step in the desire that you came with to feel connected and guided.   Now in the myriad of aspects in your life, are you enjoying the fun of our day-to-day connection.  We delight in shopping** with you and we will truly delight in dancing with you as well.  We know the desired and delicious outcome that flies on the wings of our glorious presence that is with you.  Allowing in our energy is now the greatest gift you can receive or give, so play with it.  Allow it and feel the great shift that is happening within you and all around you.

We play and play and play with you all day long if that is your desire, and notice those that now want to play with you.  Play with them and then and then and then the great celebration of living is ignited in the souls of so many.  The culmination of this energy and celebration is similar to the grand finale of a fireworks display;  yet is so soft and gentle like the delicious float that you love.   So now relax into your day of play.  Relax into your day of guidance.  Relax into your day of being surprised and delighted.

We love you, appreciate you and sing your name from all around.  Listen for it and smile.

janet’s note:  Oh my, oh my!!!!  I wrote this on Tuesday, Dec. 17, but didn’t have the time to transcribe it* until today….three days later.   The message comes through so quickly that I never remember what I write.   So as soon as I finished writing this,  I headed out to go shopping**for some Christmas stuff, with no recollection of this message.  

As I was heading to Target, I saw a 99 cent store which I have NEVER gone in; yet my “gut” said to go there and maybe find something for my son’s stocking stuffers.  As  I walk through the store,  nothing catches my eye, but I am diverted from one aisle because it was crowded…….I must digress here to make the point of the story.  One day earlier, my son and I had been shopping for his Secret Santa gifts,  and he was looking for a “gag” gift of a Hawaiian Tiki Torch.   Since this is a summer seasonal item, they were nowhere to be found and he had to opt for something else…….ok now back to my shopping at the 99 cent store……oh yes, as I head down the tool and hardware aisle that I had been diverted from earlier……..there were over 50 Tiki Torches…….table top Tiki Torches……for 99 cents…no kidding!!!!    Yes, I did get one and my son was thrilled 🙂  This experience is now a touchstone for me in allowing myself to be surprised and delighted in life in ways that I would never imagine and trusting that surprise and delight is waiting for me at any moment 🙂 

Transcribing this writing two days after writing it, has been profound for me because as they say “hindsight” is 20/20 but with my Wisdom Writings maybe foresight is 20/20…….thank you for your light, for your joy, for your desire to read inspiration and goodness 🙂 

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