The Restoring of Delight after Pain and Imbalance

And now you are perceiving the difference in energies.  For the energy of outflow of action is a different energy than receiving and allowing.  Both have great value; yet an abundance of one over the other creates an imbalance in the physical body.  So today the message of balance becomes important.  For the message of balance brings an “ah ha” to your query of pain in the body.  An excessive outflow of energy in action, intention or just doing can create an imbalance that will create pain centers in your body.  Then the desire to relax, settle, withdraw is the energy that feels like it will bring balance.

We ask you to bring a finesse, a quality to your relaxation.  Feel receptive, restorative, and exquisite.  Have it feel valuable to your soul, to your body and watch how quickly the pain subsides.

We ask to consider balance in a way that becomes an internal balance versus an external balance.  By the time pain has manifested, the balance feels external and then the habitual pathway for you is to repair this externally as well.  We invite you to never look at energy imbalances externally and catch them at the vibrational level first and then with much less disruption in your life could balance be restored.   We do know that great value has been reaped with all the external manifestations of pain.

We assure you that the internal guidance structure is now set and ready for much less disruption and sway in your life.  We bring your attention to restoring great delight and knowing it is always available to you.  So today we say look for delight.  Anticipate delight and be listening for it at the end of all shares, at the end of all moments, at the end of all circumstances.  You could say:   “Oh yes, I will be delighted here.  Oh yes, I love to be delighted.  Oh yes, I am always delighted after such tumultuous moments.  I wonder how my delight will come now.  I love to be delighted.  I love, love, love to be delighted.  Thank you for such joyful and delightful, delight.”

Ahhhh, we love you and enjoy each and every moment of delight.

janet’s note:  This writing was specifically for me in a question I had about a pain cycle that I sometimes experience.  I am sharing this as it might be of value for you or someone you know 🙂  


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