Piloting a “Magnificent” Journey

And in the deepest places are the answers you seek.   Fear not that deep, dark place of unknown territory.  For it is not where you will lose yourself, but where you will discover the magnificence of you and the extraordinary gifts that are you.  This is only a journey for one. 

For no one accompanies you on this journey.  You take no pills, no remedies, no pillows, no snacks.  Just you.  Opening, opening, opening to that fullness, to that unknown terrain that you no longer need to fear.   Now is the time to yearn for it, to feel it, to know it, to allow it.  ‘Tis ok to spend time in solace.   ‘Tis ok  to spend time in nature.  ‘Tis ok to turn off the electronics and just allow, allow, allow. 

 No, it is not doing “nothing”.  It is truly taking a journey.   When one begins to focus to the expanse within, it is a unique, fabulous and exquisite journey of which only you can pilot.  We are eager to journey with you.  We are eager to discover your gifts with you.  We are eager to explore your magnificence with you.  We are eager to be expanded by you.  We are eager to allow all that is you to be expressed in time and space. 

Dear one, continue with the writing.  Continue with the knowing.  Continue with the expansion of all beliefs and dance, dance little sister, dance!


janet’s note:  I loved this message as I begin to look back over 2013 and create and explore 2014!   Maybe you would love to have a Wisdom Writing perspective for your New Year.  If so, fill out the form below and I will contact you with all the information about giving or receiving a Personalized Wisdom Writing 🙂  Much love to all!

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