The Glory of a New Dawn for 2014

And in the days ahead the glory of a new dawn will begin to appear for many.  For this new dawn feels like wisdom, feels like clarity, feels like a washing away of old clothing that used to feel so comfortable and now just isn’t right for you.  Oh the pleasant surprise of seeing oneself newly.  We encourage the adventure of the new.  Drive a new path.  Eat a new sandwich.  Create a new tchotchke in your home.  Do the out-of-the-ordinary and see the shift in surroundings as a treat for your eyes, as a treat for your being.

For your being is readying itself for a new experience, for a new frame or order to your world.  The frame of joy will begin to encircle the experience of all of life.  For this orientation will bring goodness to the areas that once only suffragettes could affect.  The causes of social conflict could see the dawn of goodness.  Imagine that in your dreams.  Imagine that in your dance.  Image that and then smile as it feels so good to imagine goodness.

And in the subject of time, you can often feel pressed by it, run by it and even this will begin to ease and the uncanny sense of timing will become an article of delight in your life.  You will be fascinated by the idiosyncrasies that will perpetuate in your daily life.  Oh we are so filled with glee as we look upon all of you and we see your dance of glee; as the new frame of life is bright, cheery and full of all that brings the glory of the day.

We love you.

*janet’s note:  I love this bright and cheery outlook for 2014 and wanted to share the message.  If you are interested in having The Wisdom Writings channel a prediction or message for your 2014, please fill out the form below.  The cost is $150 and includes the following 3 elements:  1) A phone call to wordsmith your question or specific area of interest.  2)  The delivery of your channeled message via a phone call and an email with a copy of your message.  3) A follow-up call within a couple of weeks to deepen the content of the message into your daily life experience.   

The Wisdom Writings message is like receiving a letter from your soul.  This perspective gives a new confidence, a new love for life and a certainty about your future. 

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