Mastering Frequencies of Delight

Appreciate the placement of all the tension in your body.  Appreciate the wellness.  Appreciate the tension with equal intensity, for both are of great value for you.   In this level of appreciation is the high state of allowing.  And when we say “state” we do mean frequency.  Your mastery at frequency will benefit you and many, as your life in this physical world moves on.

For frequency is a term of no judgment; just a number.  To see life from no judgement is a freedom, for then the blank wall of creation can begin.  We love that you wiped the slate clean*, and now look for all that brings you pleasure, delight, and fulfillment.  For we are with you always,  whispering in your ear, “turn this way”, “look that way”, “go in there”, “make that call”.  Following “that” journey will bring a double dip of delight.  For we get to be delighted in your delight,  and when we both experience delight, a wave, a state, a frequency fills the cosmos consciousness that in your terms of mechanics has yet to be measured.  So stay with us and allow immeasurable joy, immeasurable delight, immeasurable surprises of beauty and grandeur.

Your time is now, now, now, now, always now.  We adore our time together.  We adore our cooperative moments that bring a zest to the experience of life.

*janet’s note:  This morning, I took down all my vision boards, pictures, creations on one wall in my office, feeling called to start anew 🙂   I LOVE looking at the blank wall right now as I wonder what will surprise and delight me to be the “new creation” on my wall.

I post this blog so it will reach those that feel called by this message, that feel enlivened by this message, that feel connected to this message.

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2 Responses to Mastering Frequencies of Delight

  1. Lorian says:

    This is perfect – Kyle, John and I are meeting Wed AM to create 2014 for ICS Partners!! Love you

    Lorian Roethlein Managing Partner ICS Partners, LLC Integrity, Commitment & Service Technical Recruiters

    928-468-0961 direct


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