Listen and Make the Call

We love giving you guidance and watching you act upon it with such swiftness.  Now we say that path is a great path to widen, explore and play with.  For the listening to the nudges, to the guidance, to the new thoughts is the first step for allowing.   New thinking can be a revelry all by itself, and now this next step is to hear the new thinking and then act.  Act on the inspiration.  Act on the intuition.  Make the call, take the bath, be patient, offer a suggestion, change your plans……whatever the guidance or impulse maybe.  Get curious about the outcome.  Get delighted about the outcome.  Get certain about the outcome.  It is not all bells and whistles as you know;  but that deep satisfaction and knowing that you are being guided, that we are with you, that all is well is a feeling to be nurtured and expanded.

Grow your desire.  Allow it.  Grow it.  Feel it and then expect it.  Just allow your desire to grow and say, “ I am eager for the pathway and solution for my desire to reveal itself to me.  I listen and follow.  I am certain all is well today”.  We offer you a dialogue.  Your dialogues can be fun, colorful and inventive.  Play with it today.  Enjoy it today and listen, listen, listen.

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