Revel in Remembering Who You Are

For truly the connection is real and the flow can come as you relax and allow the greatest flow of energy to come through you.  We will often send messages that are for you and in the decision to share them is your consideration.   For the value of higher guidance can always benefit all.

In the area of health is the two-sided issue of what is right to do and what feels good.  For if it is right to eat so healthy then do so;  yet if the energy feeling or motivation is from fear or avoidance of sickness then eat the fast food and be happy.   For indeed the vibration of happy and content can bring real relief and wellness to your body as the mood of angst, worry or perfection can bring tension, tightness and symptoms.  For indeed the mood of contentment can bring you great relief.  Allow that relief to seep over you and fill you.

We are pleased with your shift already and be eager for a greater life.  Be pleased, be certain, be confident, be the knowing one that you truly are.

So now the message of remembering can begin.  For we wish to talk to many of you of remembering who you are.   For the wave of remembering has begun.  This will thrill you and connect you with many who are certain that glimpses of remembering are within their reach.  For the remembering is engaged not to “return” to who you truly are but to more fully experience all that you can be in a physical setting.  For the deliciousness of the physical is a gift that many may wish to have and here you are.  So revel in your physical.  Open, open to your remembering.  Speak it, see it, listen for it.  We love to send you snippets of new messages, new vibrational sequences that will unlock the remembering journey,  and to remember will bring a confidence, an ease, a play, a certainty.  All the qualities you are now open to experiencing are yours.

Remember dear ones, your beauty, your grace, your love, your unquantifiable love, your undauntable glow, your magnificent, melodious, measures of creativity that are you;  always you.  And in the “one” remembering will many, many then be open.

We love you.

We love you.

We love you.

janet’s note:  I usually don’t post these longer messages in their entirety; however in the first paragraph they let me know that the guidance can benefit “all”.   I think the food comment will stir up some controversy, but is definitely “food for thought”!!!    

I love receiving, posting and sharing these messages 🙂 

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