Could It Be That I Don’t Really Know What “Relax” Means?

As you surrender into an expanse that feels limitless, endless, boundless; relax into the unlimited and the expanse.  Relax into the expanse.  The practice of that relaxing allows a new pattern from the long time pattern of constriction that has been practiced for many, many years.  So now relax into the expansive feeling.   Relax into the content feeling.  Relax into the feeling of joy.  Relax into the feeling of fear.  For relaxation and allowing are in the same family and now embrace this new family.  You will enjoy their company and you will discover a new generosity, a new pattern of connecting, feeling, thinking and being.  Enjoy this.  Enjoy this.

And now we wish to create with you.  For the creation in the physical is another component of fun that came to be experienced.  The look and feel of a musician so tuned into his music is creativity at a relaxed and expansive level; so much so that many, many others are expanded in just the listening, just the witnessing.  Oh so many other’s creative endeavors can feel that way.  For Tom’s houses can be built with this creative, expansive, fun energy,  and witness the transformation of him and those that visit and live in his houses.  For living in a house vibration built with creativity and fun will benefit so many.

And indeed you are tapping into the value of expanding:  allowing goodness, greatness, abundance, beauty and magnanimous adventures to come through you.   Appreciating them so fully, evolves and forwards the expanse of these sequences on your planet.  We also hear the coming of a new day for you.  A day of splendor.  A day of joy.  A day of truly heart-warming evolution that then will solidify all that you have sought and yearned to fully live.   Now we say relax, relax, and expand into your relaxation.  Imagining this expanse with your vibration meditation is a good practice.

We love you.  We love being connected to you and we are ready for new levels of a connection.  So be open to new ideas, new openings, new feelings.  You are doing so well and we are so, so, so delighted with our play.

We love you.

janet’s note:  I listen to a meditation that is purely vibrational tones.  At times, I can feel/see a huge expanse and often only allow myself to be there for a split second and then pull back.  Whenever, I get massage and they are holding my arm, leg, head, etc., often they say “relax”.  I’m thinking, “I am relaxed!  I’m laying down.”   When I hear the word “relax”,  I hear  “lazy” like in lazy-boy chair.   It actually means to become less rigid or firm.

The Tom mentioned above is my husband and his dream is to be a home builder.  This was some lovely guidance for him.  

I love sharing these writings with you!


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3 Responses to Could It Be That I Don’t Really Know What “Relax” Means?

  1. Mandalajane says:

    Thank you Janet. The wisdom flow is healing, expanding and light filled. Keep bringing me back! Love it!


  2. Anne Harman says:

    Thanks, Janet – that was beautiful! I find relaxing and letting go almost scary, thinking I’ll get lost, so this was a very inspiring message. Great to know about the message for Tom, too! Love, Anne


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