The Journey of Enchanted Living

We are always here and we love being here with you.  We wish to speak to you on the subject of “depth” as this is most earnest in your mind.

And in the depth is another layer of connection to that which you are seeking.  For the strength of our signal and the certainty of your soul are in the deepest places.  Indeed you could go there with play and curiosity abounding.  Yet the reality is such that the depth is a part of the “all-ness”, the “is-ness” that is you and that is all.  In the concepts of humanity this idea has no place to fit, no basis, no precept; yet is so. It is on the journey to remembering who you are.  So know that accessing this depth is part of your true desire and can bring a deep level of satisfaction.

On the subject of contentment, we see great expansion in this place, in this state, and the ease of accessing it is a good indication that you are just surfing along in this journey of enchanted living.  We urge you to set aside all judgements of “this should be” or “this shouldn’t be” and know that all “is” to bring great glory to your life.  Just as you desire.  Just as you desire.

We urge you to write, write, write, and now allow the cap to be removed,  the governor to be lifted, and write, write, write, write.  The words will begin to flow with a new ease and rhythm and keep writing.  This will be enjoyable beyond measure for you, and the fruits of the writing will be delicious.

We love you!

janet’s note:  This is a personal writing to me in response to some questions that I have been having about that very “deep” expansive place in meditation.  I often pull back when I get there and wanted a shift in perception to allow that feeling to grow.    I also have been having some issues with my hamstring and was beginning to feel a bit “stuck” or  like something is wrong with me.  Clearly the answer is to let go of the judgment and just keep feeling contentment no matter what the circumstances.  Contentment is a new feeling for me,  as it used to conjure images of resignation and “settling for less than”. Now it feels like satisfaction and fulfillment,  accompanied by a  great expansive energy.   Finally, it sounds like I will be writing LOTS more…… if you have the desire to have your own personal Wisdom Writing let’s do it!!!    Or if you would like to give one as a gift, we can do that as well.  Just fill out the contact form below.  Thank you!!!

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1 Response to The Journey of Enchanted Living

  1. Anne Harman says:

    Thanks, my dear friend. It was luscious skyping with you yesterday. I love our conversations! I’ll look forward to hearing about the depths. Love, Anne

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    *AND* *Games for Life, a 501 ( C ) 3 Cororation*

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