The Truest Form of Allowing

We can feel your expansion, and much like a tight bracelet can cut off the flow, so can bands of tension of resistance in your vibrational patterning.  We say to breathe into those tight spaces and much like oil and a tight ring you will find some relief in moving and removing the restriction of flowing energy. For the desire for the energy to flow is there; always there.  And indeed you will be pleased with so many outcomes.

Now we say be pleased on the journey.  Be pleased in the “not walking”.  Be pleased in the “not connected to Tom”.  Be pleased in the place of discontent.  Be pleased and indeed you could look up the word “please”.

For you will know with certainty when the release of resistance has begun.  You can always ask us to guide you to a release.  It is not up to us to release just as it is not up to Tom to make you feel better.  But indeed you can ask us to guide you, and you can remain open to hear the guidance;  be it in a meditation, a hot tub or in the midst of laughter.  For our guidance, our willingness to love you so fully no matter the physical experience is eternal and is the greatest pleasure we know.  We could ask you to write that 1000 times and even if one time you truly hit that note of fully allowing it to ring true deep within you, would the great shift occur.  Yes, we see you as beloved.  Yes, we see you as precious.  Yes, we see you as magnificent.  Yes, we see you as eternal.  Yes, we see you as the glorious being that you are; that you are.   So today allow us to see, feel, and know your glory.  Allow us to guide you.  Allow us to fill you.  That is the truest form of allowing.

We love you so deeply.

Enjoy this glorious day always and all ways.

janet’s note:  I have been keenly aware of the discord in my energy.  I am allowing much deeper messages to come through me.  I am also experiencing “bands of pain” in my legs, knees and hamstrings.   I did look up the word “please” and it means to satisfy or be fulfilled.  “Allow” comes from the word to laud or praise.  I really like that!  I guess I will allow, praise and be satisfied with all that is and all that isn’t today!!   Much love to all of you 🙂 


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4 Responses to The Truest Form of Allowing

  1. Anne Harman says:

    Fabulous – thank you, dear friend!


  2. Lorian says:

    Really GREAT one!!

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