Beauty Seen is Beauty Magnified

For now we wish to talk about beauty and the glory that it brings to the lives of so many.  For beauty is a vibration that speaks to your soul, that thrills you, that fills you. Looking around you to see all that is beautiful can be a lovely way to spend your time.  For truly the attention to beauty,  be it in a flower, in a painting in a person or in a pet is beauty seen, and beauty seen is beauty magnified. This is so for everything in your life.  Pain seen is pain magnified.  Abundance seen is abundance magnified.  Love seen is love magnified.  Worry seen is worry magnified.  Peace seen is peace magnified, and resistance seen is resistance magnified.

We are loving the experience of “content” that you are expanding and enveloping in.  For this experience, this feeling releases the mind from very old patterns and gently opens it to the source of new pathways, new moods, new visions, new thinking.  We love to spark the flavor of inspiration often.  We love to offer timing that thrills you.  We love to offer a condition of unbelievable capacity to you.  For it is delightful to delight you and indeed you could ask to be delighted everyday.  For delight seen is delight magnified.

We deeply, deeply love you and enjoy our interaction with such glee.  Enjoy this glorious day as you magnify beauty, love and all that expands your soul’s feeling of deep content. Know that as contentment expands and the “settling in” feeling grows, then new bands of desire are opened.  Indeed these new desires are attained, realized and experienced through the opening of your contentment:  the holding of more and more vibrational energy that can flow to you, through you and around you.  For the resistant, problem-fixing energy is tight and focused, and though can land a solution, it often brings tension, work and stress with it.  So now dear one, expand your content feeling and listen, listen, listen to the whisper of desire as it grows louder and louder bringing you to the enchanted life.

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3 Responses to Beauty Seen is Beauty Magnified

  1. Lorian says:

    I’m so glad you are up writing today – a good sign you’re feeling better – I love you!!

    Lorian Roethlein Managing Partner ICS Partners, LLC Integrity, Commitment & Service Technical Recruiters

    928-468-0961 direct


  2. Lorian says:

    I just finished work and had time to sit and read and reread this writing. So beautiful. You bring so much beauty to the world by being vulnerable and sharing these writings. I am so proud of you, extending your wings, being even greater!

    I love you and see you vibrant and well, L

    Lorian Roethlein Managing Partner ICS Partners, LLC Integrity, Commitment & Service Technical Recruiters

    928-468-0961 direct


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