Experience the Bounty on this Day…..Now, Now, Now

We are here.  We are always here, and the connection to us is your choosing.  You are the gatekeeper.  You can allow us or not, but know with all that you know that we are here…….always here.

And in the matter of money, value, worth.  You are living in a time where abundance has never been so available to so many.  For many are doing their visioning, their energy work for money which is shifting a vibrational chord for a cluster of consciousness.  The ease of accessing abundance is becoming greater and greater and soon will “be”, just “be”; and then the endeavoring for money will no longer be the desire.  The new desires will be beautiful, magnanimous, and simple; all for the reveling of being physical and being one with all that is.  No greater role could ever be bestowed on anyone, and yet no expectation is ever under the foundation of your being here.

We love connecting with you and sharing in the evolution of all that is.  You are our spyglass, our transducer, our focus and we mean now, now, now.  We delight in all moments, every moment.   We cherish our view of you, as we cherish you, for we know you.  In the relaxing of who you are, can you allow in who we know you are?  Just allow and relax that in, and notice new inspirations, visions, feelings, ideas of what you might really be here to experience.

We are in great adoration for all that is experienced and we hold the bounty of all that is ready for you to experience on this day……on this day…..now, now, now.

janet’s note:   I looked up spyglass and transducer to get a bit more depth from that line.  A spyglass is used for a specific “singular focus”  and transducer comes from the meaning “to lead across”…..so that line means we are their singular focus and we are leading the evolution of energy in our world……..that is beautiful!!  Love to all. 

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