It’s IN There…..Now Allow it to Come Out

Allowing us “in” is not the visual for you.  Allow us “out” and then connect to that, that matches us all around you.  Of course we are not an “us”.  We are a vibration, a consciousness, a patterning that you can feel, and much like the releasing of the tension can you allow, allow, allow.  Feel us flow freely through you and indeed you could think of us as a tone, a Hz, a wave.  Indeed you could also think of us as a color; yet the Hz is easier for you since you cannot see, touch or feel a Hz necessarily in the thinking of many.

So now we wish to talk to you about the “missing of healing”.  For healing implies that there is something to fix and much like the allowing us out do we wish to say allow the wellness out.  It is you, always you and indeed you can allow it out.  Allow it to flow freely, allow it to be truly who you are.  We rejoice in the knowing that new words, new phrases, new ideas captivate you and bring much celebration to your world.  Today celebrate the celebration.  Celebrate the love.  Celebrate the knowing.  Celebrate any moment of allowing, and the celebration will perpetuate more and more and more.

For we know you have many questions, and the questions come with an angst that we do not recognize as you. For we know you and we love you.  We see you.  We adore you.  We are you.  Yet that phrase can make no sense when you are so set in the physical feeling of your body and again we say allow us out.  Allow us the freedom to feel you and play with you.  We love these moments and we adore you.

janet’s note:  The visual I received in this writing was of every cell in the body.   Each cell contains wellness, brilliance, and magnificence and much like a old-timey billboard made with slats that could turn and then the whole billboard picture would change, that is what happens in our cells in the different places of allowing or resistance.  It was a stunning visual.  So the transition in the second paragraph from allowing healing to the celebration of new ideas was in response to my delight in this visual.  I post these writings with great joy and love!  

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