Getting Stuck with Simplicity??!!

Life is dynamic,  and the ever-present guidance from us though consistent is sometimes less dynamic than your expectation and we say see the correlation for you in life.

Allow the consistency of contentment.  Allow the consistency and stability of ease.  Oh to allow the stability of ease will bring a fruitful life; and yet, then the “uneventful, boring and what will others think” mindset will lead the way or fade away.  You are the one to choose, and we say oh the delicious freedom you will feel when you allow the consistency of contentment to lead the way.

Your path is so brilliant, so adored.  Even for a moment if you could see it.  Indeed today you could focus on the simple appreciations:  a smile, a touch, a taste, a color.  Something simple, simple, simple:  warm water, a soft pillow, a perfect bite of food.  Simple, simple, simple.  Remember life is dynamic so the fear of getting stuck in “simple” is again the very item that keeps you feeling stuck.  Embrace the simple.  Celebrate the simple.  Announce with great glee:  “I am living a simple life.  I am finding great joy, great love and great pleasure in the simple life.  Oh contentment is becoming my most treasured quality.  My willingness is to see the simple as a glorious treasure.   How blessed I am.  Life is beautiful, miraculous and love-filled.  I love it, breathe it, see it and enjoy it”…….and so “it” is.

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2 Responses to Getting Stuck with Simplicity??!!

  1. Anne Harman says:

    Thank you, dear friend – this message is a gift! xoxox


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