Give Thanks to You!

And in the matter of allowing, you will discover the many levels of allowing.  One level begets the next level. For some can feel allowing when they drift off to sleep and others feel it in the relaxation of muscles.  Now we say there are many, many more levels to allowing; each deepening a core rivet to the truth of who you are.  The allowing is one of the most valuable tools you have;  yet tool is a misnomer as it implies effort or work, and though focus is required any effort will dis-allow.

So now we say you can allow, allow, allow.  Praise the moments you do.  Praise the moments you don’t and realize it.  For any moment of focused noticing is valuable. Indeed you can hear that again.  Any moment of focused noticing is good.  Just notice.  Don’t investigate it.  Just notice and then move on.  Allow it.  You will discover an ease to life.  Yes, like a hot knife through butter.

Just allow and enjoy the playful nature we have when you become a veil of allowing.  For playing is what we love the most.  We love you.  We play with you.  We adore you,  and we look forward to many delights that are now yours.  Thank yourself for allowing them:  the held hand, the love in your heart, the beauty of the sunset, the perfect parking place.  We will delight you in myriads of ways.  Thank yourself for allowing them.  For any form of thankfulness is valuable, and thanking yourself has a great lever ability to shift a reality that has settled into many, many people.  So today thank yourself for any shift and if you must thank us then that is double the thanks.

Know that all is well and all is in your favor.

*janet’s note:  I was really taken by the idea of giving thanks to ourselves first for allowing goodness into our life.  This is such a shift in perspective from thanking an “outside” source like God or the Universe.    I love writing and I love sharing them with you!  

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1 Response to Give Thanks to You!

  1. Anne Harman says:

    I love your writing, and I love it that you love it! xoxo


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