Orchestrating the Fulfillment of Your Desires

We are here with you.  We are always here with you and often hear your questions and pleas of clarification.  For the desiring of clarity continues to grow within you,  and that desire will allow much new growth and expansion, especially in arenas that have been blocked for some time.

Indeed the writing of our messages will become bulky and obsolete soon, but for now continue with the writing and allow a longer message to flow through you. We enjoy our message flowing through you as much as you enjoy receiving it.

In regards to Kaelan, the seeing of his greatness, the seeing of his passion, the seeing of his humor,  is the greatest gift of parenting that you can give.  Indeed the ability to look past observing the present and just see the excellence, brilliance and passion is a mastery skill that will please you and so many around you.

The letting go of a concern for others opinions is growing, strengthening and disappearing,  and is another glorious moment for celebration.  For the glorious moment of listening only to your inner source, your inner wisdom creates an outer life of an exquisite nature.   One that you sometimes see.  One that you often feel.

Indeed the timing is so good now, so good now.  Just as in a movie,  the perfection of timing is moving, inspiring and noteworthy,  as is the timing in your life.  You truly will see that the timing of each event has a blessed perfection that could drop you to your knees in thankfulness;  yet, we say spare the dramatics and just celebrate the timing.  Say “yes” to the timing.  See the value in the timing.  See the blessed way you, you, you orchestrated this glorious path.  You in your great desire and allowing;  yet even in the moments of no allowing or only “eeking” out a sliver of allowing,  do we find a glorious path to fulfill all you desire.  We find your desires.  We love your desires.  Your desire expands us, expands you, and expands all that is.  Indeed we say glory be, for all the desires are a bountiful feast that fills life with beauty, love, joy, creativity and play.  So indulge your desires, thank them, glorify them, value them, treasure them and speak them often.

For now this writing session is done.  We love you.

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1 Response to Orchestrating the Fulfillment of Your Desires

  1. Lorian says:

    Really great one! I’m grappling and starting to see my desires are a good thing rather than something that never will be. John, Kyle, I and the two dogs had a great hike this morning with wonderful conversation, a beautiful day.

    When he returned from his birthday trip, we did have a “real” conversation about results being necessary to stay in our business. We have given him between now and the end of May (when his lease is up in Flag) to be fully on track. It’s enough time to be successful and enough time to see if maintainable. The Abraham weekend allowed my strength to surface to have a “real” yet loving committed conversation with him. He’s very clear we’re only committed to his success and happiness, whether or not it’s in ICS Partners. He knows we’ll be fine without him and prefer it’s with him – he has total freedom to find what’s best for him. He goes into the LMF next week Friday and is already registered in the Excellence seminar that follows, he’s pretty empowered.

    Your Wisdom Writing made reference to Kaelan, what’s up with him? And how has this week been after the weekend?

    I love you!

    Lorian Roethlein Managing Partner ICS Partners, LLC Integrity, Commitment & Service Technical Recruiters http://www.ics-partners.com

    928-468-0961 direct


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