Your Greatest Commodity

As you go in deeper for our connection, we can allow a greater energy to flow through you and one day you will feel this energy and then the writings can become more frequent. For the touchstone of the energy will be planted in your ability to allow such goodness to flow through you.

In regards to today, the stuck nature of your mood will move greatly if you breathe in the love and let it swirl around the grief.  Just breathe, breathe, breathe.  This can be one of your greatest flips that create a true experience of who you really are.  Remember Dear One that you are a source of all that is.  A source of goodness.  A source of celebration.  A source of genius.  A source of contemplativeness.  A source of great wonder and grace.  So allow these natural re-sources inside you to be mined, excavated and used as a great commodity in your life.  It is who you are.  Reach for these goodness items that abound within you.  They are there, always there.

In times of pain, sadness, boredom, anger or resignation say this: “OK I would love to see a resource from within in this moment now.”  Breathe into that and just breathe and allow.  It takes great consciousness to interrupt these feelings in those moments.  You are ready for this interruption.

It is such a strong desire in you to reign like a Queen as a loving beacon for all the circumstances in your life.  It is your path.  It is who you are and now is your time.

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