Seeds of Bliss Growing Like Wildflowers

We can reveal patterns of energy and a fantasy of light that will propel you into a new reality, and yet the return of the mind to the now is the true dance of life.  For the now is the great gift, the great joy, the great moment you have been waiting for.  So today allow the now to be great for you.  Allow the now to transcend your feelings to a place of bliss.  For indeed bliss is the experience that life can be for you,  and ahhhhhh the amazing effects of bliss on so many will bring new levels of goodness and love that have lay dormant.   The arising of this love will bring an aliveness to life that will be revolutionary to the life that many thought was all they could have.

So revel in any blissful moments.  Look for blissful photos, memories or new moments.  These can be doorways/portals to an aliveness that is ready to be lived, experienced, and realized.  For the inquiry into your true nature can enliven the seed of bliss,  and you will dance with glee as this bliss takes root and grows like wildflowers in the hearts and souls of so many.  Listen for it in music, watch it in dance, and revel dear ones in the glory of it now.

janet’s note:  I looked up the word “bliss” and the definition that spoke to me the most was “serene joy”……..just imagining what that feels like enlivens new parts of me.  About an hour after I received this writing, I was surfing Youtube and came across this “blissful” video.  I hope you enjoy it as the “dessert” to today’s Wisdom Writing!

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1 Response to Seeds of Bliss Growing Like Wildflowers

  1. Will McCall says:

    Thanks for the writing and the video Janet. I loved them both.  🙂


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