And now in the matter of the love that surrounds you yet often feels like it is beyond the feel of your heart.  As you breathe, you often are unaware of your breathing.  Are you breathing deep, shallow or are you allowing the air to seep in deeply, gently and feeling the full effects of the amazing blessing in the body.   For love is much like the air you breathe.  It is everywhere, always surrounding you and fully available.  Yet are you aware of its presence?  Do you feel it flowing in you?  Do you feel the blessing of it?  For much like breath, when you suddenly lose it or when you consciously do it, then the full appreciation of it instantly fills you.

So be it with love.  For today allow love to be your full awareness.  Allow it in during moments that are not usual for love-filled moments:  washing your face, cooking your meals, driving your car, watching your TV, playing/working on your computer.  For love surrounds in all moments in every moment.  Feel for it.  Feel for it.  Allow it.  Invite it.  Absorb it and then allow it to replenish the very love in you that is you.

Today is your day.  Today is your day.

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  1. Anne Harman says:

    Beautiful! Thanks for the reminder xoxo


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