Anticipate the Playful Splendor Dance

Splendor, glory, grace are all words of inspiration.  The feeling of these words in any moment can bring you a wealth of experiences to call upon in times where pain, sadness, and worry seem to overwhelm your mind.  For today, you can tap into a splendor.  For the splendor of spring is upon you, and the aliveness of life is so palpable, so real, so visceral in the stepping outside.  For the trees, the flowers, the birds, the grass, the plants, the critters, all that “is” is singing the glory of the splendor dance.

So today allow the glory of splendor to fill you.  Allow it to seep in and fill you.  Allow the goodness that is, that always is, to revel and play with you today.  For the playful interaction of all that is can be eagerly anticipated by you, and that would make a glorious day.  Anticipate a playful interaction today.  Anticipate a playful response.  Anticipate a playful surprise, and revel in the splendor of this day, of this moment, of this experience you call life.

janet’s note:  Thank you, thank you, thank you!   I love you all so very much and love our connection via this blog.  I also LOVE doing the personalized Wisdom Writings.   If you have been wanting a shift of some sort or maybe you just want to give yourself or a loved one a “soul filled” gift,  please contact me 🙂 

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