The Flickering Veil of Reality

“Who am I?”  can bring a new perspective, a new view,  a new alliance with an energy that is a match for the glory that is you.  For the disdain of one’s self is the anti/blockage that creates much sorrow, pain and suffering, and yet is often the fastest path for many to realize who they really are.  So for now the path of suffering is blessed for you,  and is held in great regard.  We ask you to see the great regard we hold for you,  and know that it dwells within as well.  Seeking to see one’s self with great regard is the path.  For you have always wanted to know yourself with high regard, and indeed it is with high regard that all beings are viewed and seen.  Allow this vision, this reality to begin to penetrate the veil of reality that often flickers with the mood of the day.

For we see the shifting realities with great clarity and soon the ease of that shift will be a  venture of great delight for you.  So for now, be at peace in the moments of suffering.  Surrender to support and witness a goodness that must come forth.  For it is all that is.

Blessed Be Dear One.

Blessed Be.

janet’s note:   This one is deep and vulnerable to share.   I send it out with complete trust that it speaks to other’s souls and whispers the tender voice of love to you as well. 

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2 Responses to The Flickering Veil of Reality

  1. Anne Harman says:

    It speaks very deeply to me, dear friend. Thank you for sharing this. I need a Janet fix! Can we set a date for lunch? Most days, except Wed work for me, let me know what would work for you.

    Lots of Love, Anne


  2. heartlightdg says:

    You get such beautiful messages. And I thought it was for me. 🙂


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