Which Gemstone are You?

In the light of the day,  the messages will flow through you.  We enjoy our time together and dance with glee that our connection is strengthening and received.  For in the days ahead will great revelations come to pass, and allow them to seep in with a deep, deep soaking.  Allow them to get to every cell of every muscle fiber and marinate in the trust of life.

Expressing yourself can be the idea that most consumes you and the “yourself” is often the question.  “Who am I” is your question,  and the answer will bring many facets to the expression of “you”.  Every facet has a glory.  Every facet has value.  Every facet creates the whole.    So delight with your many facets for that creates the uniqueness of you.  Indeed you can see each and everyone as a gem; for we do.

Allow the vision of your sight to be filtered through love, through trust, through beauty, through joy, and witness a transformation of life.  For you are trained to watch the filter of what you hear.   Now allow the filter of what you see to shift.

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1 Response to Which Gemstone are You?

  1. Anne Harman says:

    What a beautiful metaphor – thanks!


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