The Magnification of Magnificence

And in this journey you call life, is the opportunity to create and experience, create and experience.  The creations are of your desires or your wishes or your resistances; whichever is dominant in your mind, since they take the tide of creative energies and form them.   This is not a place of blame or shame; nor is it a place of success and valor.  This “is”.  This “is”.

Enjoy the malleable nature of life and know it is filled with glory and joy and love and grace.  Feel for all that you desire.  Feel for it and appreciate each step on the journey.

For you are now deep into your journey and can witness many aspects of yourself .  Do not get fixated on those aspects that displease you.  Allow them their space and then move on,  for so many other aspects are awaiting your magnification.  Allow all.  Give space to all; yet magnify and dwell on those that you adore and cherish.  Realize the magnificence that is you, that is life, that “is”.

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1 Response to The Magnification of Magnificence

  1. Anne Harman says:

    Thank you, dear friend – this touched me deeply! xoxo


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