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Allowing Grace to Have a Place to Enter

If you allow us, we will go deep today. We ask you to surrender the ideas of the “self” or the world. Truly a blank canvas benefits you and all at this time. For the clarity and certainty of a … Continue reading

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Buoyed by Joy

As you allow in more and more layers of goodness, then allowing all that is, as it is, will be your practice, your mastery. It is the gift that as yet does not seem as one. For allowing all that … Continue reading

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Wisdom Writings~~Following the Breath: The Umbilical Cord to Bliss

And the message today has a clarity for viewing the value of breath, connection and depth. ¬†As you breathe in, feel the breath deep in your body. The focus of the breath allows the depth of the conscious-connection, that which … Continue reading

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