Wisdom Writings~~Following the Breath: The Umbilical Cord to Bliss

And the message today has a clarity for viewing the value of breath, connection and depth.  As you breathe in, feel the breath deep in your body. The focus of the breath allows the depth of the conscious-connection, that which we call beauty, joy and love,  to enter in past the screening filter of the mind and deeper into your body.

Continue the practice of breathing deep, deep, and deeper into the body and then the screening effects of the body also begin to subside as the flow of the beauty-joy-love breath flows into the body.

This continued practice even two minutes a day creates an environment of bliss, an opening to joy, a cascade of love that is there always there,  and now can fully emanate itself as the screening filter of the mind/body has settled, has been broken* or even by-passed.  For in that moment, finally a new vision of life is the reality while the mind/body reality floats away, disappears.  Even for but a moment, ’tis a great gift.

Enjoy that gift today.  Breathe, breathe, breathe deep into the body.  Follow it, feel it and know it is your umbilical cord to bliss.

We love  you deeply and always.  Be at peace in that knowing.


*Broken:  I saw a horse when this word was written and looked up definitions………….for a  horse, it is to change the gait…….for shoes it is to loosen or soften……….so focusing on  the deep breathe can change the “gait” of the mind and body, loosening or softening its grip on reality.  🙂

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