Wisdom Writings~~A Standing Ovation for Fear?

As you go deeper and deeper into your “self” and feel the goodness of all that is, we ask you to expand that feeling.  Breathe into that feeling.  Get used to that feeling and let it become the norm.  As you release many, many old patterns of fear, worry and anxiety, see the new patterns of joy, love, beauty and connection forming in the absence of the old.

For the time of a new realm is now here.  The fear of many will rise in these next few months but be not afraid of fear.  Now with new eyes, welcome it, embrace it and see it finally making its last exit, its final stand and give it a standing ovation for it has powerfully taken humanity to this most blessed state.

Be thankful for where you are.  The state of life is where we have been anticipating for you.  We now say breathe.  Breathe deep, deep, deeper; especially in that place of fear.  Just breathe and when you feel the depth of the breath, move forward.  Only move forward in the connected place.   Be patient, gentle, and kind if the fear state grips the breath and keeps it from the connected place.

All is well.  All is so very well and we applaud the great journey of you at this time.

With deep love

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2 Responses to Wisdom Writings~~A Standing Ovation for Fear?

  1. jaraedesire says:

    I just returned from a trip to the White Mountains and this was one of the channelings that I did. I went by myself, spur of the moment to somewhere I had never been before just to take care of myself. I was so amazed at how little fear I felt……even staying in a little motel all by myself with a door out to the parking lot and no chain/bar lock on the door. Coming home to my husband and son, I have discovered a new ability to just listen to their fears and worries with no reaction but love 🙂


  2. Janet, I miss you and thank you for reminding me that there are radient liights such as your self that help take me back to love and joy


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