Engage in The New….Disengage from the Habitual

As you glance out into your world, glance out and turn your head to another view, another vision, another perspective.  Search for a new, refreshing view.  For it is there and much like the 3-D pictures of long ago, this new view is right in front of you and it only takes one to see it to affect the vision of many.  For anyone can be the one to see the landscape newly and open to the doorway of this new view.

Take time daily to engage or perhaps dis-engage from current activities and allow new activities to flood your system with new information, new feelings, new vibrations.

We enjoy this time with you and we are eager to deliver a message of love today.  For the glory of that love is fully around you, with you and in you.   Allow the flow of this love to guide you, guide your actions, guide your projects, guide your innovations.  Allow love to be the guiding light and be not concerned of others participating in this view.  For remember anyone can be the one to see a new perspective.  Bring a new vibration that opens the doorway for many.

Again, we will say the time is now as so many are feeling that.

Engage in the new.  Engage in the love of life.  Engage in the beauty.  Engage in the love and then dear ones; disengage, disengage, disengage from the routine, from the normal, from the habitual.  Remember anyone is the one.

We love you.  We see the deep, beautiful love that flows so earnestly, effortlessly and fully from you, from within you, and all around you.  Enjoy the giddy.  Enjoy the fullness.  It is who you are.  It is why you are here and the time is NOW.

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