Where Are You Heading?

The message we are bringing you today is for you and yet others can bear witness to the message; for one is for all.

We are urging a continued quieting time.  A continued time to allow the most creative thinking, ideas to come forth and arise.  For the portal, the opening, the pathway to the new world that you see, imagine and hope for is so very close and yet the vibration of creativity, discovery and innovation is the pathway for opening, opening, opening the portal from a crack in the door to a  “grand opening” opening.

We are encouraging creative time.  Allow it to be alone, in groups or however you may feel the biggest flow.   Creatively move your bodies, creatively play with it.  Creatively grow your gardens, flowers and vegetables.  Creatively brainstorm on how to have the most fun ideas for connecting and growing magnificence.

Shift the time spent in your life to 80/20.   80% creativity and 20% worry, concern or whatever is the most habitual.  Though we encourage that complete shift, the pathway of habitual humanity can be strong and know it has an undertow effect.  Those who don’t know how to swim in a new way are drowning in the undertow of fear, worry, concern, anger.

Swim sideways.  Swim sideways.  Swim in a new way and feel your freedom, strength and courage to swim to a new location in your life, in your emotions, in  your world.  For the NEW is waiting for you, for all!

We love all of you so very much.  Gather in groups and be creative, swim sideways and bring out your “already there” magnificence, grace and love.  For that is where you are heading.

We love you so very much!!!

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4 Responses to Where Are You Heading?

  1. Marce Raether says:

    Hi Janet!!❤️! Thank you so much for sending me your beautiful Wisdom Writing!! I love, love, love what you are doing and sharing with everyone!! I am so happy for you and looking forward to more and more!!! Will talk to you soon!! I love you dearly!!! Love and hugs, Marce ❤️


  2. Carole Ann Drick says:

    Oh, Janet Rae – getting to know you and watching you blossom in your life’s passion is like enjoying a light spring rain falling gently on the flowers then rolling down the leaves to nourish the roots. Thank you so much. Carole Ann


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