Unlock Your Cages, Freeing Magnificence, Creativity and Joy

Be patient.  Be still.  Be in nature.

Be prepared for the calm within you to grow.  Allowing this calm internally, can be the greatest contribution you can give to the external.

As we pour our message through you, we ask you to remain open, smiling and clear for the greatest good to reveal itself in you and through you.  And do others understand this message?  This is not the place of focus.  For the growth and expansion of the internal calm, joy and magnificence is the focus for you and all others on the path of contribution.

For the contribution of the greatest good is a key to unlock cages that you are in the midst of.  Only you can unlock your cages and set free the expression of magnificence, creativity and joy; and no dear one, you can not take the cages with you.  For you think they protect you; yet they jail you.  So be free.  Unlock the shackles of arrogance and opinion and be free to be creative, flowing, magnificent, joyful and loving and then allow the flow of other’s magnificence and creativity to gift you. Then you are all rising on a sea of magnificence and submerging any cages or binds around you.

Now is the time for freedom to express and know the magnificence of all.  Enjoy the new sea and enjoy the new flow.  For we are happy to see (sea) so many of you opening your cages and stepping out to the freedom of your inherent gifts and contributions to create a sea of gratitude and grace for all.

We love you!!

janet’s note:  The live video of reading this week’s Wisdom Writing gives a fun visual I received of the “cage” as a bug zapper and when we are “caged” in it zaps any magnificence or creativity coming to us.  Here is the link for the live reading.  Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oe1n7X2E3BM

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4 Responses to Unlock Your Cages, Freeing Magnificence, Creativity and Joy

  1. Nalla says:

    Oh Janet, this is incredible! And LOVE the video. This lit a spark. Thank you! Love, Nalla


  2. Nalla says:

    Oh Janet, this is amazing! LOVE the video too! It lit a spark. And to see your sunshiney self is always a gift. Love always, Nalla


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