The Masking Effect

Allow the goodness to come through. Allow the goodness of you to come through. Allow the goodness of others to come through. Allow the goodness of life to come through. Be wary of pictures, of ideas, of what “goodness” looks or feels like. For the floodgates of goodness are upon you now and the willingness to see, feel and know this goodness in a new way is now.

For we see and feel the angst of many and we say breathe, breathe, breathe. For the inability to breathe is the mirroring of anxiety. Allow the breath in deeper, deeper, deeper. Allow it to flood you, much like a flash flood can rush over everything in its path. Allow the breath to flood in and take over every cell of your body and relaxing is essential in this type of breathing. For with a flood, trying to maintain tension or control will not keep you buoyant.

Stay buoyant now with deep, deep breathing to flood every cell in your body: your toes, your fingers, the top of your head, the sides of your ribs. Allow, allow, allow the deepest saturation. The “signal” for full is the big, beautiful smile on your face. For as anxiety leaves the cells and the beautiful breath enlivens the cells, a smile will become the most natural of expressions.

Then Dear One, beam your smile. Beam it to yourself in a mirror, to your loved ones, to the other behind the mask. For the smile is your gift this week and forever, with or without a mask. Be not fooled by the “masking” effect of who you really are and now is the opportunity to beam your smile to and through yourself to others and through the “mask”.

Enjoy this feeling, this experience and a world of goodness on its way.

Here is the link to the live reading of this Wisdom Writing:

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6 Responses to The Masking Effect

  1. victoria942 says:

    I love your message today Janet. Thank you so much. I especially love the idea that our smile is our gift to others as well as to ourselves. I’ve just made one of my goals for today contributing my smile to as many people as possible, even if they can’t see me.

    Bless you!


  2. jaraedesire says:

    YAY!!!!! You have filled my heart this morning…….thank you!!!


  3. jody House says:

    Janet Rae- Such an inspiring passage. I am embracing the mask-wearing and being as clean as a bean smiling all the way. It is a gift to have your wonderful words of wisdom show up in my inbox and YOU in my life.
    xoxox with gratitude


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